Indoor air may be more polluted than the air outside. One reason for this is that modern homes are well-sealed for climate control and energy efficiency purposes, so indoor pollutants cannot escape. Pollutants accumulate in the home and result in poor indoor air quality. Improve indoor air quality to help keep your home and family healthy.

Why You Should Improve Indoor Air Quality

If your home is well-sealed, many pollutants will remain outdoors. However, air pollution is also generated indoors. Cooking and cleaning release pollutants into the air. Manufactured products like flooring and upholstery may release pollutants as well. Pet dander, mold, and pollutants that you track in from outdoors also contribute to contaminants in indoor air. These are a few of the steps you can take to improve indoor air quality at home.

Use an Air Purifier to Improve Indoor Air Quality at Home

Air purifiers give you a convenient and easy way to improve air quality. Some purifiers are more effective at removing fine particles than others. Research purifier options before making a selection. Air purifiers are designed to work well in a limited space, so pay attention to this when deciding how many devices to purchase and where to place them.

Service the HVAC System Regularly

Schedule annual maintenance service for your HVAC system. While this service promotes efficiency and can extend the equipment’s life, it also affects air quality. A technician will clean the equipment to remove particles that would otherwise be circulating within the home when the HVAC system is in use. Replacing air filters regularly is equally important.

Test the Air Quality Annually

Some pollutants are more difficult to detect and eliminate than others. For example, carbon monoxide and radon gases can accumulate in your home and are not affected by air purification or air filters. Testing for these substances and for mold will help you to determine if specialized purification steps are required to improve indoor air quality at home.

Bring Safe, Healthy Products into Your Home

Everything from the cleaning products that you use to the type of furniture that you buy can affect air quality. Many products release pollutants over time. By researching and understanding the products you purchase for your home, you can make smart purchases that improve indoor air quality at home.

Poor indoor air quality in your home impacts the cleanliness of your home and the health of your family. Take steps to reduce the number of pollutants that enter your home and remove those that may already be in your space.

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